Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very concerning condition because it can lead into very severe health problems from diabetes to heart diseases, from eye diseases to stroke, and many more. What more concerning is many people are living with hypertension without they even realize it until it’s too severe. Healthy lifestyle is the key to manage normal blood pressure but we all know it is quite a challenge in such a busy life.

Those who have hypertension or relatively high blood pressure are usually prescribed with certain drugs to lower and manage blood pressure. However, those drugs can bring side effects especially when the drugs are consumed in long term. In several cases, the side effects can be serious. No wonder there are many people who are turning into more natural alternative. They choose herbal remedies rather than prescription drugs. Choosing Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure can minimize the risks of side effects. Those herbs are from natural products and even some of them may trigger side effects, it is relatively mild ones and won’t do severe harm.

When you are thinking about using herbs to help lower and manage blood pressure, it doesn’t mean you must seek for those exotic herbs. Many herbs with lowering blood pressure effect are common herbs you usually have at your kitchen. Garlic is one those herbs. Garlic contains active substances to lower cholesterol in blood and prevent blood clots. Cinnamon also offers good benefits to lower blood pressure as it reduces circulating insulin inside our body. Basil is another one. This much-loved herb is also good to lower blood pressure. There are many other herbs to choose ranging from Indian snakeroot to French lavender, from celery seeds to cardamom, and many more. You can choose fresh herbs used in your meals or drinks, or choose more practical option with herbal supplement products.