Get Yourself a Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

The medicine we all very familiar as modern medicine is actually the western medicine and it’s not the only medicine methods in this world. There are other approaches and methods of healthcare and treatment of illness based on certain traditions and it can be very different in principles compared to modern western medicine. Once known as alternative medicine but today they are referred as holistic medicine.

One of the most popular holistic medicine is traditional Chinese medicine. It can be one of the oldest medicine methods with thousands of years of tradition. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the balanced of life energy inside human body and it is focusing on using herbal products for treatments. Today, traditional Chinese medicine approaches has been collaborating with modern science and technology creating modern Chinese medicine. However, there are certain traditional practices still widely used including the Chinese diagnosis methods. No labs or imaging needed but the diagnosis only based on signs and symptoms shown by the body as well as reading the heart pulse.

There are many different methods of diagnosis including the most widely used Chinese tongue diagnosis. Like in western medicine, the tongue is considered as prominent health level indicator. Based on the appearance, color, texture, and the coat of the tongue, well trained Chinese medicine practitioner can determine the actual health condition or disease you have. It is also a used to determine the right course of treatment and medicine prescribed to treat the condition. Do you want to get diagnosed by a Chinese doctor to rule out the symptoms you have for long? You don’t need to go far way to find a Chinese medicine practitioner because you can get it right from home. With TCM Clinic, you can use its online diagnosis service. What you need is listing the symptoms, giving brief description of your condition, and upload the image of your tongue and you’ll get diagnosis and prescription from expert Chinese medicine practitioner.